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When beginning my journey to open a record store, I have always wanted Side A Vinyl to introduce new, talent artists to a bigger audience.  I first discovered Orgone for a simple reason: a cool cover and a hype sticker that sold me.  "Dirty, organic California soul with heart" made me buy my first Orgone album.

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"ORGŌNE is more than a band. ORGŌNE is a music collective that have been blessed by the talents of so many great artists over the 22 years of their existence. By definition, Orgone is a “universal life force”, which beautifully defines the magnetic attraction to the music that comes out of Killion Sound and producer Sergio. A. Rios." - from their website:

It was Orgone, Beyond the Sun (see the cover?  That made me pick it up and go for more).

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Exploring Orgone: A Journey Through Their Albums

Orgone, an eight-piece funk and soul band hailing from Los Angeles, has been captivating audiences with their infectious grooves and timeless sound. Since their inception in the late 1990s, they have built a reputation for their powerful live performances and a discography that pays homage to the roots of funk and soul while infusing a modern twist. Let's dive into the journey of Orgone through their albums and discover what makes this band a standout in today's music scene.

The Beginnings: Early Albums

Orgone's journey began with their self-titled debut album, **"Orgone"** (2001). This album set the stage for their unique sound, characterized by tight rhythms, robust horn sections, and a blend of instrumental and vocal tracks. Although this early work flew under the radar, it laid the foundation for what was to come.

In 2007, Orgone released **"The Killion Floor"**, which marked a significant step forward. This album garnered critical acclaim and introduced many fans to the band's dynamic energy. Standout tracks like "Funky Nassau" and "I Get Lifted" showcased their ability to reinterpret classic funk and soul tracks with a fresh, energetic approach. The album was a testament to their musicianship and deep respect for the genre's history.

Evolving Sound: Mid-Career Milestones

Following the success of "The Killion Floor," Orgone continued to evolve with **"Cali Fever"** (2010). This album highlighted the band's versatility, blending elements of Afrobeat, jazz, and rock into their signature funk sound. Songs like "The Last Fool" and "Give It Up" emphasized their growth as songwriters and performers, offering a richer and more diverse listening experience.

In 2013, Orgone released **"New You Part 1"**, an album that pushed the boundaries of their sound even further. With a more polished production and a broader range of influences, this record captured the essence of their live performances. Tracks like "Don't Push Your Luck" and "Take You Higher" became fan favorites, solidifying their place in the contemporary funk scene.

Recent Works: Continuing the Legacy

Orgone's recent albums have continued to build on their legacy. **"Beyond The Sun"** (2015) is a prime example, featuring a mix of instrumental tracks and vocal numbers that highlight their versatility. The title track, "Beyond The Sun," and songs like "People Beyond The Sun" and "Meat Machine" are perfect illustrations of how they blend classic and modern elements seamlessly.

In 2017, Orgone released **"Undercover Mixtape"**, a collection of covers that pays homage to their influences while showcasing their unique style. This album includes renditions of songs by Funkadelic, Aretha Franklin, and The Meters, among others, demonstrating their deep connection to the roots of funk and soul.

Their 2019 album, "Reasons", continued to receive praise for its authentic sound and heartfelt performances. With tracks like "All Good Things" and "Whisper To Me," Orgone reaffirmed their commitment to creating music that resonates with both longtime fans and new listeners.

In 2021, Orgone released "Connection" featuring collaborations with Cyril Neville, Kelly Finnigan, Pimps of Joytime, and more. 

Finally, in 2022, Orgone released Lost Knights, this album provided a collection of heavy-duty psychedelic funk-rock anthems created to be played loud and raucously.  The release features lead vocal contributions from Orgōne’s ever expanding extended family of some the finest soulful singers on the West Coast - Terin Ector, Jamie Allensworth, Phil Diamond, with special appearances from Jesse Wagner (The Aggrolites) and Kelly Finnigan (Monophonics).  

Why I Recommend This:

Like I said, I grabbed it for the cover for Beyond the Sun and the Boom Box cover of "Undercover Mix Tape".  Something said from their design alone, there was a psychadelic soul sound that I would like.  I have all their releases in my personal collection (except their newest release, but I'm going to change that).  

There is a great new influx of massive talent in Psychadellic Soul.  Orgone is a place to begin, but do not end there!

Finally, if you're reading this because you like Orgone - you need to try:  Monophonics

If you have other recommendations, please place them in the comments!


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